I’m a designer. I believe on the simplest of levels and the power of design as a transformational tool.
I love to help brands define their visual language, and strive for solutions which are simple, bold, and built to last. Currently, I work as Executive Creative Director at Publicis Groupe.


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I believe that what makes the work special is the passion that it’s devoted to find different and unique solutions for the different types of projects. Get the right people, looking for the best ideas, choosing the finest tools, no matter if is a branding, product or digital… but create something that is unique.


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  • 2x best creative director

I was born and raised in Cascais (Portugal), in a small neighbourhood where as children we spent every day playing in the streets and every night around the Spectrum computer playing R-Type, Double Dragon, Outrun, (just to mention a few). “Spectrum machine language for the absolute beginner” was my first code book. Then I saw Nintendo – Super Mario. I went totally crazy. I loved all the geeky stuff but of course I spent more time looking at graphics/images/shapes/colours.

Nowadays, I realize that those times were a big influence… maybe that’s why I enjoy working in a position that brings together the design and the code team. I’m a natural observer. It doesn’t matter if it is an image, video, installation, a shape or something more traditional. A few months ago I started learning calligraphy. Yes, I’m a type addict and I want to learn the basics. After all, I never stopped being a geek, but now I’m more of a graphics geek.

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